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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
I grew up 75 miles from panama city, the most southeast part of alabama possible

The only people affected by it are fisherman, restaurants, and people who take the risk of own rental property(which hurricanes are also a HUGE risk) you should of known better before renting, or swallow the fact that things happen down there and quit bitching...would you be bitching if a hurricane wiped out everything down there but your place, NO because you wouldn't have anything to blame but yourself
Yeah but the difference being no human action is directly responsible for the hurricane. The oil spill was directly due to negligence on the part of a few people, so it's natural that those same people be held responsible for every single negative effect.

And, this is the USA, OP.... You actually expected this to go by without people taking advantage of it? Sure there are plenty of people suffering, but did you really think that people would (especially in this double-dip recession) NOT use this to recoup as much as possible, whether it's a legitimate claim or not? Where there are humans, especially Americans, there will be manipulation of the system to the max. That's just how it is here.