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DIY N55 Alternator removal/install without removing OFA or IM

Hello everyone. This last summer I ran into the infamous "red battery" icon and needed to be towed home. After bringing my battery to 3 shops where I was told it was fine. My focus went to the alternator. Looking online it appeared I had 2 options. Remove the oil filter assembly. Or remove the intake manifold. I have not seen this out there as of yet. So please share this video everywhere. I was reading a lot of shops are charging $1000+ to do this. You do NOT need to remove these.

Unified Racing is a channel that a few of us started several months ago. I will be posting more BMW N55 DIYs as time permits but please take a look. If you agree this could save a ton of people $, please share with any other forum you may be apart of. Also please like and subscribe if you would like to be notified of future N55 related content.

I have one question for all the gurus here. Can anyone confirm the N54 engine is the same? I sold my 07 years ago so cant confirm as I now have this 2011. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts!

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