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e93 'alarm not found', dealer charged for trying

I recently helped a friend install the OEM alarm into an '08 335i convertible (april 08 build date I believe). We did the install by the book, as per the BMW retrofit instructions.

When he took the car to the dealer to be coded, they said the alarm couldn't be found to be activated. They tried unplugging it and plugging it back in which didn't help.

I saw a thread on the 1 series board where someone had a similar problem, and it required a PUMA case to be opened and BMW NA remotely updated the car so the alarm could be activated.

As of now I believe the dealer has charged about $250 for trying to activate it, even though they didn't succeed.

Any suggestions on what we might try? Either asking the dealer to do something specific, or any possible recourse with BMW NA?

Thanks for any help.