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Finally got around to setting up my OBD cable, and this was the codes that were read from the driver's seat module:

9E5A Fehler Schnell heizfeld Kissen

signal oder Wert oberhalb Schwelle
Testbedingungen erfullt
Fehler momentan vorhanden und bereits gespeichert
Fehler wurde kein aufleuchten einer Warnlampe verursachen

Error Code: 9E 5A 61 2C 88 4D

a little internet translation later, and we get...

9E5A Error fast heating area NTC cushion

Error will not cause a warning light
Error is not currently present
Test conditions have been completed

Error Code: 9E 5A 61 2C 88 4D

I also did a live status read of the seat's cushion temperature and it read a constant -40C, which I would assume means the cushion temp sensor is not reading correctly/at all.

I will do some research and post these findings in the coding forums, but figured I would share what I had found so far.