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Question Which Short Shift Kit (SSK) Is Best?

Hi all,

I've done quite a bit of on this topic, but I haven't come across any threads with a good comparison between the different SSKs on the market. Please point me there if I missed it. Mostly I just see people saying they installed brand X and like it, but that doesn't tell me which one is the best.

I definitely think the stock shifter on my 328i could be better--throws too long, a bit too notchy--so I'd like something that is better in both respects. I also don't want a solution that is higher effort. I think the effort is not exactly light as it is. Honestly, I just want my shifter to feel like what I had on my Honda Prelude, or better

Also, for anyone in Socal (especially San Diego), any advice on a place/person to install an SSK for me?

Oh, I might be interested in getting the CDV delete at the same time. Comments on that welcome too.



Edit: I just noticed a typo in the poll. Roge should be Rogue.
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