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Originally Posted by Dracon View Post
Yes, I'm pretty sure in all cases coding is required by the dealer. All the rest of the ECU's need to be told that the units are in the car and the retrofitted units needs have their coding updated to match your car's configuration.
What he said. My dealership quoted me $657 for programming but if you read through this thread some have gotten it for $150. It's been a while since I've researched, but I remember something about folks who do "audiologic" or "audiogalaxy" programming or something like that, which ends up programming your car for you for pretty cheap. Otherwise, there's a guy on these forums who will send you his programmer and program it online for you (through and internet connection)...forgot what his name is but he charges a bit more...still a lot less then what the dealer was trying to rape me for.

I created a somewhat "guide" to reprogramming here if you want to look at it. All you need to do is find a garage that does the J2534 reprogramming.

Good luck to ya