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Originally Posted by dsbj View Post
Question for all..
How would meth injection impact temps? Anyone try it? Will I be the first?
methanol is great .

Two things on the car can reduce power.
1. high IATs = reduced timing (also creates more heat as combustion is not as efficient)
2. reduced boost

I dont believe our cars start dialing back boost till 280F to 285F oil temps. So if you keep oil temps below that, youll only experience high IATs reducing timing. In addition to upgraded FMICs or possibly good CAIs, adding methanol adresses the issue of high IATs very effectively(much better than FMICs). Thus, it helps the car produce consistant power on the track by holding IATs consistantly low.

Originally Posted by JunkStory View Post
Also, which 335i (HP Autowerk vs. ER) had better overall cooling and better track times?
I dont think theres any information on HP autowerks radiator performance. I wish they would release stuff for us.... its been well over a year