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Originally Posted by Sejzilla View Post
so i went to the track past saturday to pocono raceway with nasa, i was completely fine the 1st session, blowing by S4 and M3s.....the 2nd session after 1 lap car went into limp mode, my oil temp was at 240 and I thought maybe my water temp was too high so i left the hood up and put on max-cool mode on my jb4 went out again and the whole time i was on limp mode, my tech thinks i have a vanos problem but ill have to scan the car and see what happens.
you need to scan it to know for sure, either via JB4 or BT.

I tried maxcool on 1 session out of 5 on my last event, no difference. Water temps stayed under control for the entire day but that's specifically with distilled + mocool, not antifreeze mix.