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Originally Posted by Sejzilla View Post
if limp mode never came back on after track it possible that it was the water temp not the vanos problem? because ive been driving the car for a week now and i have no more limp modes what so ever....
it's very difficult to reproduce a full-length HPDE-style session with street driving. I've never had limp modes outside the track no matter what the temps or driving style... If no errors return after you've cleared everything, you may need to wait for your next event, disable autoclear, ignore the CEL, and read codes after every session (either via pre-wired USB cable in glove comp or by running with the cowl off).

As far as water temps go, map your water temps to the fuel gauge next time for later review. I've found the dash display hack to work but the numbers are not readable on video (via GoPro) and watching the dash constantly on an HPDE run is not a good idea.