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Originally Posted by zamboni View Post
I've talked to a few E93 owner and they never had this problem on the vehicle. I took it in for a clunking noise on driver side turn out to be a latch problem, they did a minor tweak on the roof and this problem pops up and never going away. The weird thing is squeaky & clunking noise came in at night but not during the day.
I had this problem when the car is not even at 1K miles.
hey...your roof issue is not fixed yet?? and your car is new.
I remember you posted few months back.
Dude, you need to involve BMWNA.

My e93 with 60K + miles made some rattling noise in hot weather.
Its in extended warranty so I had to pay around $400, but it was fixed.
No noise after that. There is something wrong here. Don't believe in anyone who says e93 making noise is normal.

Your car is brand new, it Must not make any noise. Go after BMW.