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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
What is DDE and EWS and why do they need reset
I imagine its something to do with Engine management?
And how did it get into they misaligned state as in what were you
doing to cause it not to start in the first place. Just trying to avoid this
I have used inpa and DIS57 and not permanently messed stuff up
so far but I did get some temporary errors doing resets to adaptation
I have no idea how I managed to do this, I was in the section where it said along the lines of IBS battery reigster, pressed the F key to go into it and must have pressed another key to reigsiter it - a window box came up and it being in german language I did not know what it meant so cleicked on the x in the corner.

I found another version of inpa online and was trying that as it was giving me further opitions to go into rather than the software I bought. As I was looking to replace the battery in the coming month I thought let me have a look at the steps within inpa and what options it gives me but i must have selected an option which i was not meant to