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Originally Posted by ptpending View Post
coolant temp is ok, but better to check this parameter on highway too
whats is build date ? do this car have M57N2(pre-LCI) or N57(LCI) engine
second one do not have EGR thermostat, first has
you need also get INPA cable and check DDE ECU for stored faults
Sure, I'll check it on the highway tomorrow. I should be able to get close to an hour of driving. It's LCI.

Just looked up the INPA cable on Ebay. Goes for about $50. Will consider this if it might help resolve problem. Need to ask mates if they might have one beforehand.

Originally Posted by samchuang33 View Post
I have to literally floor it at every chance I get in order to get 11.9l/100k for my 330d.
Thank you for getting involved. I've been wanting to chat to a fellow 330d owner. One of my main concerns is that when I step on the gas, even quite lightly, my consumption gauge shoots up to 20 and stays there in the lower gears. Is this typically what happens for you as well? Video below to demo my point.

Just took this video now to demo my point: