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Financially, IMO, it is a no brainer. You get a substantial allowance so you, essentially, have a contribution towards the extra depreciation so you should lock some of that cash away until you come to sell it/trade it in to lessen the pain. It is also interesting to note that the additional depreciation because of high mileage isn't a huge sum - again, IMO. It is a diesel and people are more tolerant of high mileage in a diesel anyway.

I don't see how getting rid of it in two months makes any sense given that you will have exactly the same problem with whatever you change it for and you will lose thousands on the deal.

Will you always be doing 800 miles a week or is it temporary. By the size of the allowance, I assume your employer is sending you somewhere at their expense and if you continue for more than 22 months it becomes 100% taxable unless they are a large employer with an arrangement with HMRC.