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Arrow FAQ: Tuning the 335i (XEDE info)

BMW E90/E92 335i Engine Modification FAQ
Created November 23, 2006
Author: sstarch1

Vishnu Tuning


XEDE for Sale!

Most "official" support thread from Calvin and Hobbes(?) from Vishnu

XEDE Numbers so far...

Take 1: 335i Tuning from the Vishnu Nerds.
Take 2: From Vishnu – Tuning the 335i
Take 3: Vishnu 335i coupe tuning update
Take 4: Vishnu 335i: Tested the new Dealership ECU update on the dyno
Take 5: Vishnu 335i – Finally tested the Vishnu Stg. 1 “kit”
Some Engine Tidbits from the Vishnu nerds.
Vishnu’s first customer for XEDE+Exhaust
Take 6: Vishnu does Canada
Take 7: We finally dyno a Steptronic all proper-like
First production Vishnu " PROcede " installed! -- Results

Q's and A's

Q: Is the Xede a small chip card placed in a free slot inside the ECU panel?
A: Not quite. It's a separate computer box about 1/4 the size of the factory ECU. It sits just next to the factory ECU in an empty "shelf". Very convenient

Q: If the dealer reprograms your ECU, will the settings remain the same with the thought of having to remove the Xede before reprogramming?
A: Yes, the ECU can be reprogrammed independantly of the XEDE. The two are fully discrete from each other. Likewise, you program the XEDE without programming the ECU.

Q: Is the installation simple with no wiring, cutting, etc required and take less then 15 minutes?

Q: Will the Xede cost $3000 being released mid January?
A: Not quite. The current (EDIT: ADDED 11/24/06) intro price for the XEDE kit (XEDE, boost controller and harness) is $1300. It may increase slightly in January.

Q: Does it improves gas mileage under normal conditions 1-2 and loss of 3-4 under heavy?
A: Yes.

Q: If the Xede is a card (like a video card in a pci-e slot on a computer) couldn't the dealership find it when lets say they look in the ECU panel?
A: As mentioned the Xede is its own box with a wiring harness and a serial connector (for laptop interface/tuning) coming out of it.

Q: What is piggy back riding the ECU?
A: Piggy-back computers, be definition, work with the factory ECU, not instead of it. The XEDE essentially recalibrates all the sensors to induce a higher level of performance without the ECU being the wiser.

Q: Will you offer your products to us in europe also? Can we get a plug and play Xede?
A: I'd be happy to ship overseas. But without confirming that the european cars have the same ECU code/functionality as the ones in North America, I wouldn't want to risk it. I have received a couple of emails lately from folks in europe asking me to come out there to install and tune Xedes. I'd certainly be up for it if there is sufficient demand.

Q: Will future maps be free?
A: Yes, maps are always free with XEDE.

Q: Is the XEDE 100% undetectable by the dealership?
A: Yes, as long as the XEDE with all components are removed carefully and completely. The dealership can though notice a great change if they driver the car with the XEDE in play.

Q: How much is custom tuning and when will it be available to me?
A: Vishnu travels to major cities at least 2 times a year with custom tuning being $250 hour plus dyno renting.

Q: Will XEDE work with steptronic and paddle shifted 335i’s?

Q: What are these “maps”?
A: Maps are a given number of offsets loaded into the XEDE and tells it what to do and what the car to do.

Q: Where is this “switch” to switch maps?
A: The switch is part of the XEDE harness & we are working on a indoor cabin switch as well.

Q: Can the XEDE be connected to the sport button allowing it to be turned on and off?
A: There probably is, but we have not explored that as we want to make sure that the XEDE is not intrusive to the car.

Q: Where is the XEDE harness connected to?

Q: Is there anyway to get the XEDE tuned before it leaves the factory on order?
A: Because every car is different, having an aggressive map at start would not be ideal.

Q: How do I update the map from my computer?
A: The XEDE works with a serial port cable. One can buy a serial cable to USB cable to link to more updated computers that don’t have serial ports. The maps will be on our site as a open source and free for anyone to download.

Q: Has the rev-limiter and speed limiter increased or removed?
A: No


Q: Is the XEDE tuning have dynamic power mapping?
A: All modern cars have what you may call "dynamic mapping," in the sense that they all search for targets, and make changes to the map if these targets are not met. Now, altering those targets without being over aggressive is the tricky part (the part that hasn't been figured out by audi tuners). So, this brings us to your question about the xede being static. The base Xede is static. Using 3 dimensional maps, it outputs a given value per a given X and Y value. (Load or variable being Y, and RPM being X) With that said, the Xede is working in conjunction with your factory ECU which is not static (this is the brilliance of an intercepter system). The factory ECU still has all of its ability to step in and make changes when it sees fit. So, the Xede is static, but it does not work in the static manner that a standalone does.

Q: What is the MPG while using the XEDE?
A: During normal driving, expect 1-2mpg improvement. If you're flogging the car hard, expect to get 3-4mpg less.

Q: What is the confirmed zero to 60 times?
A: In the low 4s range. Depends on surface quality and launch.

Q: What is the confirmed qtr mile times?
A: To official times yet. I'd expect mid to high 12s. Time will tell.

Q: How useful is all this power if you don't have an LSD?
A: Very useful. See videos

Q: What is the practical HP gains without the custom exhaust-I'm not that interested in PEAK HP, more middle of the range HP...
A: On 94 octane, we've seen gains of 55-60whp and 70-80lbft of torque. At just 10-11psi. With no mods other than the Xede.

Q: What additional boost with the XEDE create w/out the custom exhaust?
A: Boost pressure are 10-11psi with the factory exhaust. 11-12psi with the upgraded exhaust.

Q: Does it have 0-60 in low 4s based on conditions and 1/4 undertermined but expected mid-high 12's?
A: Yes and Yes.

Q: What are the octane variations available?
A: 91,93,94, 100+

Q: Will the XEDE be self adaptable to future aftermarket upgrades such as exhausts, etc?
A: No, but one should load a new map to maximize the potential power when available or ship the XEDE back to us for this configuration.

Q: What happens if I order a 94 octane XEDE and fill up with 91?
A: Take it easy with the car until one can burn off the tank or turn the XEDE back to stock.

Q: What is the difference between ordering the XEDE and getting it custom tuned?
A: Not all cars are the same and with that we are able to make more power with a few slight tweaks.

Q: Will I get any gains if I have a 91 octane XEDE and put race fuel in my car or anything higher?
A: Although it won’t negatively affect the car in any way, one can’t take full advantage of the gas without the proper map loaded.

Q: What are the expected numbers for 91 octane with just the XEDE?
A: 320whp & 350rtq.

Q: I am very interested on installing a BOV such as the upcoming one from CP-E, any problems?
A: It is best for one to resist the temptation of the BOV as our cars were not designed to release excess boost pressure into the atmosphere. Doing so will effect your tuning and cause the car to run poorly. The car was designed to recalculate that excess air back into the intake system, bleeding off the air that was accounted for by the MAF sensor will confuse everything.

Q: What happens if I have a 91 octane XEDE and my gas station doesn’t have “true” 91 octane fuel?
A: Slight variances on octane will be fine true or not.


Q:If the dealership doesn't detect XEDE will the ECU somehow detect it?
A: No. The Xede is completely invisible to the ECU and dealership.

Q: How long will Vishnu provide support for the product?
A: We still support products from 1999 (the first year of our company). So I don't think this is an area of concern.

Q:What is the risk in using mods that will be detrimental to the reliability of the car?
A: Shiv@Vishnu

Q:Since BMW tuned the engine for 8.5 lbs of boost, and the direct injectors are rated for 3000psi, isn't the additional boost from XEDE tuning going to "stress out" the injectors? Are there any long term tests out there to show that the XEDE system doesn't hurt the injectors?
A: I'm not sure how you can stress out a solenoid other than subjecting it to too high of fuel pressure or running it static/wide open too often. But for what it's worth, we don't run any higher fuel pressures that stock with the XEDE. Nor do we run the injectors static.

Q: Will constant installing and uninstalling of the XEDE cause problems, etc?
A: No, as long as it is safely and completely removed.

VF Engineering
VF Engineering working on upgrades for the 335i

HS 335i Chip tuning (Europe)


E92 335i CP-E TiAl BOV Kit Prototype
335i BOV Valve Installed
Stock 335i/Vishnu 335i/E?? M3 Dyno Grpah Comarison
Milltek HyperBoost diverter valve / BOV and exhaust
BMP Design catback exhaust systems

Work in Progress:

What sort of actually questions are worth answering specifically?
Post the questions and answers and if they sounds good, ill add them to the specific section. Or you could post the questions only, and hopefully we can all muster the energy to asnwer them.

Feel free to PM me with any request/comments/tips.
..i think this faq is about 10% done..
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