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The phenomenon known as "dynamic mapping" in the audi world is not as spectacular as they make it out to be. Trust me, I owned 2 S4s in the past. The "dynamic" part of it is created through over-agressive mapping. The car isn't trying to move up to limit of the ignition advance and fuel tables, but rather being chopped back down to it, through feedback from the knock sensor. This is a very dangerous way of doing things, and normally produces less than stellar results. Case in point, I wrote my S4s off as a tuner car a long time ago.

However, all modern cars have what you may call "dynamic mapping," in the sense that they all search for targets, and make changes to the map if these targets are not met. Now, altering those targets without being over aggressive is the tricky part (the part that hasn't been figured out by audi tuners). So, this brings us to your question about the xede being static. The base Xede is static. Using 3 dimensional maps, it outputs a given value per a given X and Y value. (Load or variable being Y, and RPM being X) With that said, the Xede is working in conjunction with your factory ECU which is not static (this is the brilliance of an intercepter system). The factory ECU still has all of its ability to step in and make changes when it sees fit. So, the Xede is static, but it does not work in the static manner that a standalone does.

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Back to adaptive engine control/dynamic mapping...
Yes, a system that can adapt to the fuel, air, air pressure, temperature, etc. And I think that would be a big $$$ project. Now I understand right now for 1300 bucks this system is probably static and that's fine. I'm seriously considering getting it... I will do it, but I want to see you tune it and give me all of the ins and outs about it.

Thanks for entertaining my questions everyone!