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Originally Posted by KTN View Post
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M-sport models should be counted under the M category for sales statistics.

Take a breath, I'm kidding.

This whole M debate is probably never going to end. Owners of true M cars, you know who you are. Other people sticking fake m badges on aren't going to make your true M any less special. BMW marketing M-lite cars and M-look alike cars doesn't change how special your true M cars are. Honestly, if I had a true M car, i might be annoyed by all of this M-lite and and M-look-alike nonsense. But, as the owner of an M-sport who likes the looks but doesn't have need or desire for all that power and track ability, I'm glad BMW recoginizes there are buyers who want something that looks cool and performs better than the base models without being a fire-breathing dragon like true M cars.

Should BMW put an M badge on any of these pretenders? True M owners probably think not. M-sport owners like me say sure, if the factory put the m on it, I'm not posing nor am I pretending I'm driving the real thing. Anyone with any business saavy at all knows that its a brilliant move by BMW to leverage the M brand name.

This debate will live on....and on.
I'm more on the side that de-badging even a "true M" tickles my fancy. On the other hand, you can't say there's anything inherently wrong if somebody prefers their factory M badges on M-sport package cars even, if that's their preference then they're welcome to enjoy it that way.

What I never understood is the people sticking M badges where they've no place to do so (eg. to the rear model designation on regular models). The people that'd care or be impressed will know anyway it's fakery and just have a giggle, a small cringe, or both. So what the point is, we'll never know.
Those people end up here for our amusement

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