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I recently bought a 2009 335i xDrive with 145k miles to replace my previous daily that was totaled by a new driver pulling out in front of us. One of the first things on my to do list after making sure the car was solid was to get the valves cleaned via walnut blasting. I was almost positive it was down on power compared to what it should have and figured it probably had not been done in its life. I asked around and found a couple places that could accomplish the task but only one that could work with my work schedule easily. I took my car to Curt2128 to have him perform the cleaning and overall inspection of the car, I only had the car a few days at this point.

The intake ports on my car were especially bad but luckily they cleaned up without much issue or extra work needed. The pics hardly do it justice.

The before and after was immense and I fully believe that he found a missing 40-50hp in certain parts of the rpm range, definitely up top, as it was a completely different car after the dme adapted to the new airflow.

He said the car was solid aside from a low side fuel pressure sensor on the rail going out. I had to wait on the sensor at the time but told him I’d be back.

After leaving I developed a minor misfire at low rpm with moderate throttle, basically right around the torque peak when feeding in throttle from a light or if the car was holding a higher gear and attempting to accelerate. It seemed like the additional airflow from the blasting had uprooted an issue with weak ignition. Curtis assured me he could diagnose it and was almost positive it was a coil pack which he said he had plenty good ones in stock.

When I came back for the pressure sensor, I also decided to add a BMS chargepipe(do not recommend, fitment was subpar and took a lot of extra effort to fit properly) to future proof for a tune. We did that and the sensor then drove it to see if the fuel sensor cured the misfire. It did not. We came back and he immediate found a coil pack code on cyl 1. We pulled the plugs and the gaps were very loose from wear but otherwise in alright shape. I had brought plugs so we put in new oem Bosch and he swapped in a new coil pack. The car was perfect and has never ran better. No more codes(for now��) and runs like it should.

He was professional, his pricing more than fair and his knowledge of the platform was much appreciated and definitely expedited the process. I fully recommend his services if you need help with a problem or just don’t have time to diagnose or sort something yourself.

Thanks again!