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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
Long story in a nutshell:

I hit a raccoon on the highway about a month ago in my Jetta. Took the car to the dealer to get fix. Total damage was almost $2500. They had to replace my front bumper. When the car was "completed" the bumper wasn't even close to the same color as the rest of my car. Had them repaint it twice. The color still isn't 100% correct but I had to take my car because I had 5 interviews at 4 different companies over the next 7 business days. I refuse to let the same body shop attempt to repaint the bumper again. They couldn't get it right during the 3 times they painted the bumper. Am I going to have a problem taking the car somewhere else to have to bumper painted the right color?
you shouldn't. you pay a premium to be indemnified. your carrier is obligated to repair your car to the condition it was in before you hit said animal.

tell the carrier the issues you are having and they will either recommend a body shop or allow you to choose another.

your agent should be able to help, if you have one.