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Originally Posted by zvvbmw View Post have a point...checked that part again and he did slide a bit wide there...thing is he couldn't get that grip to blast his way out of the corner.

Overall the cars are competitive...but this proves once again that in order to win a race you got to have a good strategy.
Which is all about experience for teams and BMW is still new to this... they did have some of the fastest pitstops which shows a great deal. I also am not sure if it was strategy or setup- BMW has limited time testing in the rain with this version of the car so they were not sure how the tires would wear. The other question was the tires themselves.

Joey Hand pitted early at first because he couldn't find grip once the tires started to wear down- Martin and Bruno had the same issues after their second pit. Was it the tires? Or was it the suspension setup causing wear- not sure but other manufactures had inconsistent tires as well... Audi off the record complained they had tire problems and MB did as well. But Jamie's second set was well faster than everyone else's.