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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
I think it's sad that the 'Ring is going to be closed but there's a reason why the 'Ring fell out of favor in the racing world, why FIA GT holds less events there, why F1 completely left, and why they aren't making money.
I think you haven't understood much of what is going on. Read my previous post - the current financial problems have nothing to do with the tracks themselves.
Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
As a professional race track, it's simply an extremely dangerous place. It features changing elevations over hundreds of feet, extremely long straights, blind corners, blind chicanes, off-camber turns that have killed unfocused drivers, and if you do crash, good luck getting an ambulance in less than 10-15 minutes while you bleed to death on the asphalt.
I think you ignore that there are two Nürburgring tracks - one is the Nordschleife which is probably what you're referring to, and the other the Grand Prix circuit.

The fascination of the Nordschleife is just that it is so demanding, varied and supremely interesting even if you've already done hundreds of laps. No other circuit can give you that kind of excitement and satisfaction as a driver.

I agree it's no place to run a F1 race, but for other races it's perfectly safe. If there are accidents where someone gets hurt, it's mostly incompetent bikers. And anytime you let inexperienced people on a racetrack, accidents will always happen. It's unavoidable because it's part of human nature.

Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
The 'Ring will always have a historical place as a benchmark track for all the major performance car manufacturers, but I think it's time the motorsport community evaluates what made the 'Ring captivating, take the good, and integrate that into a newer, safer, but still enthralling race track, for the good of the sport. Then I could see a place like that being not only profitable, but also safe, and still entertaining for us all.
I pray that this will never happen.

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