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Cheap HPDE rotors?

I'm about to run my first HPDE in April. This will be one of maybe two events in this car(I'll have a dedicated track next season probably).

I'm running two days at Putnam Park. My car is an 09 with the original pads and rotors. I'm sure I'll be super aggressive on the rotors since this is my first experience.

I'm getting new pads and fluid and priced out some basic rotors(Zimmerman coated at about $350 for all 4corners). However, I'm curious if there's any cheap track day options out there? Only because I'm worried I'll be abusing these with typical novice heavy early braking, and maybe end up having to replace them again shortly after.

On my old Subaru, the popular option was Autozone rotors at like $20/corner(less than 12" in diameter and solid, not vented). Even if they had stress fractures at the end of the day, who cared? Throw them away and put your dailies back on.

I don't mind spending $350 for replacements...I just don't want to find out I burned through half their life on the two days at Putnam. I'd rather use some crappy $200 rotors first to nearly destroy and then put the nicer ones on afterwards.

Has anyone come across any viable options?