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Originally Posted by QUiKSR20 View Post
Why would the starting price be 50k to get options? If brand "y" can add the option for $10 why cant BMW and vice versa?
Makes no sense that you think they would have to charge a ton more to include a few options.

If its a $10 part for Kia it should be a $10 part for BMW esp if its a part that comes from the same mfr in the background.
( nav units / headlight assy's / transmissions etc etc )

Either way in the end they can charge what they want they are BWM and just like the phone analogies to Apple.. These are luxury
brands that don't cater to the budget conscious person they cater to the higher end market so I get it just dont try to justify why they have to do it.

They do it cause they can! And rightfully so they built the brand but the consumers are getting shafted the softer BMW becomes and less and less of
what built that brand image is still included in a BMW.. ie cost cutting.
What do you mean the softer they become?