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Yet another newbie

Hi all, I'm new to the forum and BMW.

I've had the 320d for two months now and am suitably impressed and very glad I made the leap to BMW, though I must say it was my wifes choice. I at first wanted an IS250 but am now very much a fan of the 320d the power and handling are amazing, though I'm getting nowhere near the published fuel consumption figures by BMW - 6litres\100km. I'm getting 8.3, probably not helped by having fun with the new car and carrying extra baggage (a wife and two kids)

While I'm here I'd like to ask if anyone buying a new 320i\d has had problems regarding the version 14 sat nav disc.

I picked up the new car without any disc and was told by the dealer that the new version 14 was coming and he would post it to me. Six weeks later still no disc, the dealer said there was nothing they could do as they were waiting for the discs from BMW Australia. So I rang BMW Australia and was told that they couldn't get the version 14 Sensis maps to work in the hardware used by my model. They advised me that they had now scrapped trying to get version 14 to work and therefore version 13 was still the current version for my car url][/url]
So I've paid full price for what is essentially a 2006 Refidex!

Sorry to start my 1st post with a gripe, just wanted to know if anyone else had experience of this?

Will post some pics when I learn how