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Junkman's stance: Wax does NOT add shine

Hey guys. Today I had an epiphany while randomly thinking about Junkman's statement that wax does not add shine. I believe this to be very true, but only in a specific case and I wanted to see your guy's opinion and thoughts. I believe this to be true if the paint is polished to excellent condition. HOWEVER, if they paint has some very light swirls and maybe some very light hazing and maybe even some super light oxidation, a coating of wax will in fact enhance the shine of a car's paint.

Call me dumb, but it was a break through moment for me because I've been stumped on the fact that I can't upsell a more expensive wax because I tell all my customers that ask, that wax does not make your car shinier. But I realized, in many cases it actually does because not everyone's car will be as perfect as can be. A wax should fill in the gaps, to some extent, of light swirling and hazing, creating the same illusion as if a layer of water is running over less than perfect paint. Waxes with fillers will provide an even better illusion of flawless paint.

So my argument is: Wax will make most average joe's cars shinier because it hides blemishes. But wax will NOT make a perfectly polished car any shinier than it already is (as junkman demonstrated).

What are your guy's thoughts?