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Originally Posted by Wangsta View Post
How much do you guys tack on for a sealant upgrade? Is $10 a reasonable price? To the customer the value is double the duration. Could i possibly charge 15 or 20? Right now im trying to find that sweet spot for my pricing. Thanks in advance!
I would say closer to $15-$20. You are trying to make a profit, besides they don't know how much Menzerna Powerlock actually costs lol. It's one of the cheapest, but 1 of the best. You could almost make all your money back that you spent on PL with one application and remember only 2 drops per panel. You don't have to use specific product names either, in fact don't because they can go home and look up the price of the product and see if they are paying too much. The more ignorant they are, the better. You could use words like "Premium" or "Concours" wax. People love glittering generalities, but use them in moderation on your description. You can make them feel like they are getting something special when they choose the $30+ up charge for a premium wax when in reality it could only be something like a $50 pot of wax. You can always experiment with the up charge prices. Start high, but not too high and back the price down if need be.

For example
Standard wax: Poorboys Natty Red $25 a pot
-Up charge- $0 (but include $10 in the price because you have to charge something for the product)

Premium wax: Bouncers Sherbert Fizz $50-$60 a pot
-Up charge $20-$30

Concours wax: a $150-$200+ Zymol/Swissvax
-Up charge $50 and up depending on price of the wax
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