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Originally Posted by smartys View Post
Hey man,

I had almost the same car started giving me sliiiiightly longer cranks on Cold starts in the morning, after I got my Dinan tune.....nothing major though.....

When I took it into the dealer, they told me the same thing, that there was a "low pressure fault", but the HPFP tested fine, and they "reset the adaptation"......

My car still gave some slightly longer cranks (and I mean slight, like 2.5seconds instead of instant---and I know it sounds like I'm being paranoid, but my car ALWAYS started instantly, and then it started giving me slightly longer cranks), and on top of the cranks, after the tune, when I dyno'd the car, though there were clear gains post-flash, there was a dip in the torque curve btw 2-3k rpms down to stock values before it picked up, and the AFRs were ridiculously low, like 10....

Anyways, after they "reset the adaptation", I still had slightly longer cranks, and I felt like there was something missing in performance compared to the first couple of weeks after the tune.....

So recently, i went back in for an oil change and told them my cranks were still a bit long......I don't even think they tested it, they just told me they ordered the part and tomo I'm going back in for it to be replaced.....

I think that SIB that someone posted is a good idea....just go back in, tell them you're still having long cranks, but no errors (if you haven't had any since), and ask them to run the HPFP pressure test as suggested by the other member, and see what happens.....

If it fails, then you got a new pump.....might as well try, and get a new pump now before it gets worse.....

BTW, +1 on the sarcastic remarks, sometimes it can be irritating, but at the same time, it's usually just all in good fun.....if you let it slide off your back, they're usually quite funny! Just don't sweat it..

Hope this helps!
hey, thanks for the help.

but, wouldnt you know my luck, the pump died this morning. car wont start.

so i guess im getting a new one hahah
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