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Fact: Obama didnt create the free phone program, but despite that, he certainly appears to be enjoying full and exclusive credit for it here. They seem to be basing their support on 1 issue, and their understanding of that is in fact backwards. Stating that is racist?

If you vote for Obama because you like something he actually did, fair enough. But, if you vote for him because of something he didnt even do, man, that just casts the entire system in an unfavorable light. Would you Democrats be thrilled to hear that someone and their friends were vigorously campaigning for Mitt because they really liked the way Romney worked tirelessly to repeal Dont ask, dont tell? Probably not.

Granted, it's not the most flattering portrayal of people in a certain socioethnic group. Having said that, there does not appear to be any elaborate post-production editing or anything going on here, where the director uses technology to twist their words around in a deliberate attempt to mislead. Nor is it clear to me this whole thing was the result of some elaborate ruse set up to lure folks into a controlled and contrived situation, cleverly calculated to make them behave differently than they would normally, like Candid Camera, or What Would You Do? or some show like that. If that were the case, then yes I'd agree that it's unfair and wrong.

This seems to be an unvarnished, candid portrayal of these people's honest, unscripted position on a certain issue. The reporter encountered these people on a street, already acting of their own volition. Not everything is the result of cold, calculating racism.