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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
It may seem to be unvarnished, and candid but you really don't know that do you? It could easily have been staged. Wouldn't be the first time for such a thing. Andrew Breitbart comes to mind.

I only saw one person speaking so I'm curious why you might assume you know what "these people's" position is?

... See how dog whistle politics works? You've already made a lot of assumptions and you think you know what a lot of people are thinking when you've never heard them speak.

True enough, it COULD be staged. I dont know for sure, and neither do you.

If you dont want me making assumptions about what you are thinking, then please tell me.

I'm curious, I take it you do you believe this video is staged then ?

The premise that it's an elaborate setup, cruelly calculated to malign a group of people is the more likely or plausible explanation in your mind, than the possibility that there could actually be people in the country who really act this way, and this is simply an unvarnished portrait of them ?