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Originally Posted by 07lilredwagon View Post
Im not sure why, either, Efthreeoh!...I was thinking of thing gauge steel in the first place....16-18 gauge should do I can weld that stuff with my little mig!....

I will be making a tonneau for it (see my sketch above) and keeping the trunk. That way I can have 2 lockable compartments. I will retain some sort of pass through or removable panel for more room. I also want the hinge area of the trunk panel there for structural rigidity. adds a bit of weight, but not that much.

Floor drains are a good idea...Ill be working that in...Rhino liner is a good one too...I have seen one done with a cut down bedliner that was done well and looked good.

thanks guys!

So the best way to make the tonneau cover is out of fiberglass. You need to make a wooden form for it and make a match mold from the wood form, then layup your fiberglass in the negative mold from the wood form. You could go crazy by sandwiching some structural foam between the outer and inner layer of fiberglass; lay-in some aluminum plate for the piston attachment points and hinges, etc....

I liked the trailer for the E30; it looked like the front was a "tailgate" (frontgate? LOL).

But really, using an Audi A4 clip would be some much more fun. Just sayin'