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Originally Posted by PGC View Post
Quick question for the chaps in the know.
If you install the box and then remove it for services etc will the dealers still be able to pick it up via the cars ecu that it has been played with?
I ask this because of possible warranty issues
No, there's no way of a dealer knowing. I would go as far as saying most dealerships will ignore ecu re-maps, unless there was a real bad underlining issue with the vehicle and they had to do some proper testing on it (in order to get out of a expensive warranty claim.) I'd imagine only then they would check the ECU settings. The guy i normally use for my ECU remaps said he does allot of work for BMW and VW dealerships. He said they get their demo cars re-mapped to fool customers into buying them!

I've done about 50 miles with my tuning box on and it's absolutely brilliant. Sober as 15 year old dog one minute - a raging bull the next. My biggest fears of fuel economy dropping and the car starting to smoke were premature. The economy has actually improved by 5-6mpg and there isn't a hint of smoke.