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Originally Posted by mebespencer View Post
While I can't comment on the PSS specifically, I have a set of PSS10 B16s and they're probably the best purchase I've made for my car. I would guess that the factory damping on the B14 is somewhere in the middle of the PSS10 adjustment range, and I normally run mine on setting 4/10 (with 1 being softest) without issue as a daily. They're better with bumps than my stock sport suspension with Dinan springs, which would often pop out my center vent/speaker shroud on my dashboard over potholes . Handling wise they bring so much to the table in terms of immediate turn-in response, steady state mid-corner grip, and overall confidence in the cars handling especially over road imperfections. I added the M3 fronts a few months down the line and... holy shit. I'm still on all-season rubber up front and I struggle to get the front end to even chirp on the hardest of turns. Turn-in is incredible, adding or removing lock mid-corner to adjust your trajectory is a piece of cake, and the car just feels willing to pile on the G's whenever I ask it to. Bilsteins coupled with some choice M3 suspension bits make this chassis the perfect daily sports car. Just this month I drove from New York to the Bay Area and immediately mobbed my car in the canyons the day after I got home... Bilsteins really are the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and performance.
Thanks for your honest feedback. I ended up ordering the Bilstein B12 Cup Kit. I'm a simple guy and i don't really feel like messing around with adjustable coils trying to get the ride height to where i want it to be. I'm almost certain ill be satisfied with the results especially mated with the M3 lower control arms. I also ordered the 034 rear sub-frame inserts just to help the rear end stay more planted
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