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Just trying to get my head around this. Not sure if anyone anywhere ever got to the bottom of it but I've fitted a wheel with paddles (resistor type) to my e84. Looks great, just doesn't do what it should. MF buttons work of course, but I would really love to get those paddles working in an OEM way. I think people have usually just given up as it's too bloody difficult to get your head around and made a connection to the gear shifter. I'm trying to apply a bit of logic to see if I can get it done, and would love some input (if anyone's interested). I don't really want to take a soldering iron to my paddles if I don't have to. I SHOULDN"T have too, surely!

My car is a late model 2015 e84 and came without paddles. It has the auto 8 speed and it appears to me from my investigations that the wires to the A4010a are there in the connectors. I have changed the FA/VO in CAS and NFRM to include 2XA and coded the entire car, but no luck...

So what could be wrong? It's like they are just not connected. Now, as this module (JBE?) sits underneath the fusebox A4010 (am I reading this right?) then there must be some reason for the wires from the paddles to be on one connector (X14271) and the wire to the EGS on the other (X14272).

Could there be a fuse that has to go in? I read on a forum for X5's that someone measured 5v at the two pins and that if there is voltage there, paddles will work. I know that's another model and things may be wired different, but the principle of having 5v connected says to me that circuit must be protected somewhere.

Any input or thoughts very welcome
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