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Further update: I cross-referenced with some other diagrams that mention connector X6021 having CAN inputs and ascertained that it is indeed the black connector seen bottom right of the photograph in my previous post. I checked that the bottom of the connector was populated with wires running to the transmission and happily they were there. I then managed to find a clearer wiring diagram explaining the right connections to make and realised, although my car had the connections going from the steering column to the junction box on X14272, they were missing from X14271 to the engine bay and X6021. As soon as I made those connections, the paddles worked!

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I'm not able to say definitively if the previous coding had any part to play, but I might 'un-code' and check in the future.

Now comes the difficult bit....

The connections I made to test my theory obviously were temporary and went from the junction box under the glovebox, through the passenger door window, and under the bonnet into the engine bay. I now need to find a way for those two little wires to join the others that go through the bulkhead. This will no doubt involve some dismantling of the engine bay wiring box to gain access to the place where this happens but I'm sure it's possible. I'll update again when I've done it.

Maybe no one is interested or even bothered by this but if it helps someone searching in the future for an OEM way to add paddles to their E89 variant then I'm happy to have helped.
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