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ECS bavauto rear bushing tool kit options. Is there one that does them all?

I'm about to replace my rear subframe, differential, trailing arm, and control arm bushings on my 2006 E90 325 with 180k miles.

I don't mind buying a tool set to make this job easier, but I see that ECS tuning has 5 options, listed below. Will any one of these accomplish all the bushings I'm trying to replace, or do I need to suck it up and make / buy a second? I assume the Schwaben should be purchased for the subframe and diff bushings, but then that leaves the RTAB and LCAB. Also considering the UCAB if one of the tools for the other two also does those?

Anyone have any knowledge of these?

Schwaben Subframe & Differential Bushing Tool Set
Says it does subframe and diff bushings, but what about the trailing and control arms?

Trailing Arm Bushing Tool Set
I assume it does the trailing arm bushings...?

Trailing Arm Inner Bushing Tool - Master Set
Why does this say Inner...does it ONLY do the inner TABs? That seems silly if it doesn't do them both, but that's what the tool below is for right?

Trailing Arm Bushing Tool - Bavarian Autosport
I assume this does the trailing arm bushings, but how is it different than the other kit that is more than twice the price?

Heavy Duty Control Arm Bushing Remover / Installer
I assume this is only for lower control arms...

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