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Originally Posted by e90yyc View Post
Sadly I do not have that fuck-you money either .

TBH, if I could afford one I would probably buy one, but in this context ďaffordĒ means comfortably afford, which implies a level of income Iím not sure Iíll ever attain.

Like many of us, I drive an N52 because itís practical and does what I need. I still do appreciate these modern-day M cars for the engineering marvels they are though...
I drive an N52 because it's the only way they sold e91s in the states. But even given the choice, I would not have bought a 335i e91. I just don't need to go that fast in such a car. Given global choices I probably would have gone for a 320d if I could have. I did buy a new M235i, and while it was fun, I ultimately found it rather boring. Too easy to reach license melting speeds without even thinking about it. In Europe, it was awesome, here, it just felt like being held back all the time. Like a hobbled race horse. If I want to get flung around and feel some g's - I will buy a ticket to Six Flags, it's a lot cheaper.

It would not be "prudent" for me to buy a $150K car, but I could do it. It would just have to be my ONLY car. And this sure as heck would not do as my only car. Ultimately, to me once you get beyond $50-60K, it's just too steep of a hill of diminishing returns. When a $50K M235i is fast enough to send you directly to jail - why do you need anything faster than that? More expensive than $50K mostly just shows that you *can*. I don't need to show that with a car.

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