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Originally Posted by haaken675 View Post
Hey everyone. Just curious why it doesn't seem like there are too many e9x track cars? Every other model seems to have plenty of builds. The e92 seems like a great platform for it. Modern suspension, last of the hydraulic power steering cars, n54/5 has plenty of power and there is more then enough development for cooling to keep temps down. What am i missing?

I am nearly complete with my e30 m52 turbo swap time attack build, and am considering getting some seat time with the e92 since i'm not going to be worrying about literally every nut and bolt. I look around periodically for anyone tracking something similar and it seems to only be m3's.
I think you are on the right track, pun intended lol. I recently tracked my e92 328i for the first time at a SCCA track night at Palm Beach International Raceway.

My car is not a track car build but it’s been built as a performance daily with a lot of mods you only see on track builds. I’m full Uniballs front and rear, m4 front spindles, -2.5/-2.0 Fr/Rr, camber Lost over 300lbs with weight reduction mods, extensive chassis bracing, and engine/power train mods with LSD.

So all that said I was running my daily driver set up on Falken FK510 street tires, oem BMW brake pads, etc. Just a Motul 600 fluid swap. I passed a e92m3 with 265 square track tires, tuned, and track pads. Passed a Cayman S, e46m3, Lotus Elise, Mustang GT, and even a Miata.

I believe there’s a lot of potential in the E92 chassis I was surprised... shocked really... at how well my car performed. I can’t speak for the turbo platforms but it’s also pretty clear the chassis and basic suspension geometry of the E92 platform is on point.

My buddy with the E92M3 (running same camber settings as me) commented that I was walking away from him in the corners and I was maintaining the gaps in the straights.

If you are willing to put some time and effort into the build I would totally encourage you to also consider a N52 powered car like a 128/328 with a manual, not just the turbo platforms. There’s a lot of potential and the lightweight parts from the M3 all swap directly to the 328i. As you know on the track light is right. My car is now under 3000lbs and has around 260whp and has proven very competent on the track.

Btw, my interior is not gutted so there is a lot of room to take maybe 50-100lbs off as a straight up track build...

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