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ANDROID!!!! Official Dynavin BMW E9X Review, Pics, Questions, etc.

Hey Guys,

EDIT 11/8/11 - Android units are released and on the way to the USA. See recent posts.

Long time overdue but here is my review of the unit with tons of pictures. The installation guide is located at the link at the bottom!

Main Screen:

The radio screen is one of the best IMO. The actual function of the radio is very good, I notice about the same reception as OEM. The presets work great and even update with the song titles and such on the screen like stock radios do. The SWC also work with the radio volume, mute, preset changing, and source changing like normal.

The CD/DVD screen is different from the Radio screen as you can see below, that would be one of my only gripes and i believe they are working on getting it changed over. The actual performance is great, the loading of the CD takes about the same time as OEM. I havent been able to figure out how to get song titles to display instead of "Track 01" but i am sure it can be done. This screen also is what you see if you load the CD with MP3 as data files or pictures/videos. They play very well and all works well. Again SWC work well with this feature too! Clarity is awesome on CD/DVD, it will bang and you can get higher volume before distortion compared to stock.

The bluetooth is very good, pairs with my EVO 4G with no issues and automatically does it. You can pull open the phone book and such on the unit but i found it easier to either manually enter the number on the unit from memory or just to dial it from my phone itself. The internal mic is actually surprisingly good but it does come with an external that you can suction to the windshield behind the rear view mirror that will work well also. BT button on the steering wheel also works to bring open the BT screen to dial out or what not. When you get a call it will automatically switch to BT for you!

The iPod screens are again different than the others, see pictures below. But the unit pairs and works with my iPod Touch flawlessly. It does charge it as well. You can navigate through the menus and such on the iPod screens easily from the SWC, the touchscreen for this function is a bit different. I heard its this way due to the unit using SWC, so when you touch the screen it comes up with a menu that you can use to navigate the screen. Playback again is great as far as sound quality and such.

Dont have one to try...

Unit comes with an SD card loaded with IGO8 software which i actually grew to like very much. It is a very simple program with good screens and the routes are actually very good as well. You can change a ton of settings to customize it like you want it, and i found the maps to be pretty recent as well. Id say 09+.

Didnt test but i am pretty sure its about the same as the CD/DVD screen and usage.

Same as CD/DVD usage.

Didnt buy a digital tuner box..

I know its not a super detailed review but let me know your questions and i can answer so we can make it more thorough!

Installation is very easy and takes some time but thats just because it involves doing many things to get it all in. Its not that difficult!

DIY Link:

The only errors that the unit causes is if you have BMW Assist, however Dynavin sent me a piece to try and remedy this error so I will post my findings. You can also do it by putting the OEM unit in your trunk.

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