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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
No voice recognition or Input I take it.
What about routing options?(for the Navi)
Points of interest etc.
Hows the Fm reception relative to the factory unit . I don't think the factory
unit has very strong reception.
Can you play mp3's from a Dvd.
Do have to have a Navi DVD in at all times for Nav

What base system did you start out with and how did you interface it with the speakers
and is that an improvment over the base sound?
What is your amp and speaker setup if not stock?
No voice recognition
Nav has plenty of routing options, and tons of POI
FM reception is just as bad as OEM, i agree that OEM is not very good. Thus i usually just use CD or iPod.
Yes MP3's will work on DVD
Navi is on the SD and there are two slots, but you do need the navi SD in at all times for nav to work!
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