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What would u do?

So this morning I went to go get my puncture sorted on my rear drivers side tyre by someone I know, now being a runflat I had prepared myself to be told it was unreapairable. So when I get there he thought he should be able to repair it untill he took it off and said the sidewall was showing signs of stress so was best to replace it. So seen as I had already changed the 2 fronts to non-runflat Vreds I thought I might as well change the rears to non-runflats as it was something I wanted to do eventually anyway. So I was set on having Vreds, just as he's about to fit them he notices cracks in the wheel

One crack on the right side and one on the left (both on the lip)
We decided we might as well throw the old tyre back on the wheel as he said its pointless putting a nice new tyre on untill sorting the wheel out.

Now the options I have are to have the wheel welded (only thing putting me off is the fact my 18month old daughter is always in the car), buy a new wheel or is this an excuse to buy a new set of different wheels then sell the mv3's?

What would you all do?

Frobius mentioned to take the wheel to BMW to have a runtest how do I go about doing this, can I just turn up with it and they will do it or would I have to book?

What would I get back on the mv3's repaired or not?