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Just replaced power steering fluid reservoir as there is oil oozing. Also oil has typical hydraulic oil burned smell.

Flushed the system as per the first post. Drove on to ramps, Jacked up car with hydraulic Floor jack(not a low profile) in the center. Supported with two Jack stands.Wheels in the air with ramps also as safety precaution.

But first I removed all oil using mighty vac from reservoir, and some from reservoir hoses. Drained remaining oil using banjo bolt. Made 4 end to end steering rotations. After everything seemed drained out, I added some fluid to reservoir. To my surprise some more old oil drained from Banjo bolt. After that I tightened Banjo bolt, filled the reservoir, turned steering to left and right all the way 5 times.

Started the engine for about 15 seconds,
turned off, filled more,
started the car again for 30 seconds. Refilled again.
Next started the car, steered slowly to left and then right (no stalling yet). 5 cycles.
Next two cycles, I stalled at left and right to build the pressure so that I can see if system has any leaks. Everything good. It almost took 850+ml.

Since I raised the car, I went ahead and changed the Oil and filter.This is first time I changed oil myself.I always felt it is not worth the effort as $20 shops change oil filter. Not so with BMW.

Though it was driven only 4k miles by previous owner after oil change, oil was changed almost a year ago.Oil seemed in good condition though. Anyways, I did an adventure against many suggestion by gurus in this forum and used Royal Purple 0W-40. I will report back my observations.

Checked system for all leaks, the reinstalled the bottom covers and went for a test drive. Blasted around for 20min and parked for the day!