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F/S 2006 330i sport Sparkling graphite sport package navigation

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I am selling my 2006 Sparkling graphite 330i. Pictures are below

So here we go, I will try my absolute best to describe the car in perfect detail for you guys.

Paint is Sparkling Graphite Metallic and the trim is Poplar(I thought it was a nice contrast to the black). It has Sport package and Navigation package and interior is black. It is six-speed and has 9872 miles on it. I also have the warning triangle and first aid kit in the trunk. My friend cut himself so I opened the first aid kit for a bandage but the rest should be unused. Writing in the first aid kit was in German

Reason for selling it is because my parents are in an odd financial situation that requires me to sell my car and buy something more expensive . I am just doing this to help my parents out guys haha

I like my clear conscience so ill admit I did have one booboo while I was driving the car. I went onto the median on a local street when it was raining but thankfully I was going slow(under 20) and the median was low and small. I went straight over the thing so the only thing that happened was a wheel got messed up.
Hope I didn't make that sound too bad, because it wasn't, but just to make it clarify, the car was still completely driveable and I drove it on the freeway to bmw to get the wheel fixed.
I bought a new wheel/tire from BMW(charged me $1000!!) and got the alignment redone just in case. This was about 7-8 monthes ago(December I think) and I have been driving the car without any problems since. I have documentation if you need it.

Other than that, nothing is wrong with this car. This car has seen no hail, no trees, no trucks, no poles, no girders, no trains, no guard rails, nothing.

It has the remainder of the warranty(i forget if it was 4 or 5 years) and the maintanence program thing(oil changes, wiper blades, scheduled services, etc).

I am attending school in Austin, TX right now but I go home to Houston too so we can probably work out a time and place for Inspection or Purchase of the car. Also I would like to keep the sale within Texas unless you are able to arrange transportation after purchase.

Well thats about all the details I can possibly think up, PM or email me( if you have any other questions.

I believe I am offering a very reasonable price of $36,250.00 but hit me up with offers if you can. Please no low balling, that makes me feel bad and you feel bad too(because I will say no), so lets just save ourselves the trouble

I dunno if you can really make out anything but there is probably some minor wear and tear that is usual. Original paint, no body work I promise. I took care of my car and kept her nice and clean(this was actually a week after last car wash ).
(I forgot to take keys with me when I went to take pics so shots are through window)

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