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Originally Posted by Gavin@MMW View Post
$500?? that's a steal.

I would buy one for $500 even if it was missing the wheels and was sitting on blocks.

I expect an e30 to be rough, bad paint ripped interior - that's all normal for a car from the late 80s early 90s
I bought a 325e in SoCal for $500 cash. It leaked coolant, e-brake didn't work, gauges didn't work, had a rough and varying idle, sunroof didn't work, paint was completely faded and the previous owner started to wetsand the rear quarter for some reason, springs were cut, and the interior was shot.

A new water pump, new vacuum hoses, a new distributor cap, springs from a junkyard along with new shocks, and a day's worth of labor was all it took. Sure, it still looked like shit but it was the best beater I ever had. Got some Euro projectors and xenons so I could actually see, and I had an incredible car. It was one of the most reliable I've ever owned. Not a bad car for being 20 years old at the time.

I sold it before my move across the country for $500. I probably could have asked for a bit more but I figured with the eyesore issues, it might be tough.