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Originally Posted by MIKEYPAUL View Post
Let me start by saying Thank you for all for contributing to this post especially the OP. This has made things a lot easier. Now to my problem. To start with my door locks stopped working. I replaced the fuse with a 20 amp fuse and that got all my doors working except the drivers door. When locking the doors with the fob the drivers door made a clicking noise but wouldn't lock. I replaced the actuator today, part 51-21-7-318-421 207D purchased from Tomkinson BMW I have everything back together and now none of my doors will lock or unlock with the fob or the button in the car. I can manually lock and unlock all the doors. When using the fob or the button in the car all the doors make a noise but nothing happens. I checked the fuses and they all look good.

Any help will be appreciated!!

UPDATE: I disconnected the new actuator and the other door locks will work. I reconnected (I didn't reinstall, just connected the main connector) the old actuator and nothing works. I thought the new actuator may be bad, but when I connect the old one now nothing works, where as before I started all the other doors except the drivers door worked and it was connected at that time.

Also, in my research im finding that part number 51217272999 is for both actuators which is cheaper than just the one. Can any confirm this is correct, and will it work on my 2006 325i?