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CIC Glove Box USB not working


Tried searching but couldn't find a definitive answer, so I decided to post.

The problem I'm facing is the glove box USB doesn't show up on the CIC.

Here's the background.
My car came with a CCC. I had a CIC with combox and rear view camera upgrade installed. All was working fine but wanted DAB, so bought another CIC, which the seller said he would code for my car. The unit arrived and I went ahead and installed an 256Gb SSD instead of the 80gig HD before putting it in the car.
Once in the car, I didn't have bluetooth nor rearview camera. The rest was working fine, including the 2020 maps in navigation.

Did some searching, got a bimmergeeks cable and with the help of NCSexpert got my CIC talking to the combox and the camera again.

Now I wanted to fill up the SSD with music so that I can get rid of my ipod.

I tried literally all my USB sticks from a 200Gb down to a 4 gig in FAT32, FAT16 and NTFS. None of them show up when in the glove box. (they play fine under the armrest (6FL))
When searching the only thing I find is recoding the CIC with the current code. I've already done that to get BT working. Is there any option code i need to add to the VO? Or an option in the CIC to get it to look for that USB?

Thanks for reading.

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