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Originally Posted by orangedawg View Post
DESI, thanks so much!! I though you could do it just by coding, and not have to modify any wiring. Now that I know (or at least I think I do) I should be able to set this up. Sorry about my confusion in having to do the wiring. Thanks!

To clarify, is this correct:

1. Add a new wire (ground) into slot #2 on the connector that goes into headlight
2. Tap that wire (using a wire tap/splice) into wire #4 (also a ground)

Once that is done, I should be good to go?

Also, can you do the coding first and still run with halogens until I install the xenons? Will it throw any errors/have any issues? Also, does my coding I posted above seem correct for the xenons to work? Thanks again!
Did you ever completely resolve your issue?