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Rental Property Help

So I have a situation I was hoping someone could help me with. I own a rental property where the current tenant's current lease is up on Nov. 20th. She has already moved out and has just been cleaning and patching holes and stuff.

We are trying to get a realtor out there to put a lock box to be able to put it on the MLS and be able to show it. But the current tenant says that we are not allowed to enter the premises since it is considered hers still.

Is this true, or are we allowed to show it when we can since she has vacated the premises? Please, if anyone could give me a quick answer, I would greatly appreciate it. It says on page 33 of the CA Landlord/Tenant laws that we could enter if the tenant has moved out or abandoned the unit. I know technically that she has not "abandoned" the unit, but she has moved out.