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We have 3 rental units, all lease agrrements state explicitly that we may neter the property to show the porperty after a 30 day notice is given with 24 hours notice. Had a couple move out on Nov 3rd, their lease expired in Aug but went month to month because they said thet're moving to TX which turned out to be BS. Anyhow after they gave notice we listed it, she complianed and threatened to call Sheriffs if a realtor showed the property, I said go ahead call them referrred her to the clause in the contract and told her they will give you 24 hours notice and you will abide. No issues.

As far as withholding the dpeosit as someone suggested don't even try in Cali. Law is very specific on what you can and cannot withhold for and that's not even close.

Net of it all make sure you have in your lease/rental aggreement exactly what you expect it will save you in the long run trust me. That and a property manager that's an SOB to deal with the issues.

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