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Originally Posted by mycoupe View Post
Yessir. I always run 93 and I believe the posted dynos for JB and Proceed show higher hp numbers, but equal tq numbers as the AccessPORT when on 93. Just wondering what would cause their to be an HP difference when the tq is equal, because isn't hp just factored from the tq at that rpm?
Hmm...I'll have to look into that for ya and figure out the little details that would bring about this difference. We have compared a few competitor flashes where we made more torque, but they made more power. It could very well be the simple conclusion of the map itself. But I'm not 100% on that. I'll dig.

Edit: It's also like taking 2 cars, identical mods, running the same map. They may or may not make the same amount of power, but that's all dependent on the condition of the motor, and the differences within some of the tolerances. But regardless...I'll dig.