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I don't think I'm stealing anyone's thunder anymore (right, Rob? ) but I've been using the AccessPORT on my 2010 335i for the past two days and can give you a sort of pre-assessment.

In my limited participation with pre-production testing, I can state the Stage1 maps are everything as advertised. It feels as if I've picked up 50-60HP right away with the tune and I hope to be able to prove that tomorrow with a dyno demonstration at the Plano location. Power delivery is very smooth and linear, there are no hiccups or issues with the tweaked tune. My car is otherwise bone-stock right down to the paper filter and the output feels much like the piggyback tunes we're all used to, except that the Cobb Stage1 tune feels smoother and the added rush of torque comes on very early.

Fast map switching and data logging are the immediate benefits that I enjoy most with the AccessPORT, but it also has the capability to read and clear OBD codes and provide performance measurements. The handheld can read a number of commonly-referenced parameters including RPM, load %, TPS, vehicle speed, battery voltage, MAP, oil temp, water temp, boost pressure (actual and requested), ignition timing advance, wastegate duty cycle, ambient and manifold air temperatures. I'd like to see the inclusion of knock retard, and I'm sure that will be added in later firmware revisions.

All of those values can be logged instantly with one click on the AccessPORT handheld. These parameters can be recorded for a set period of time (I'm not entirely sure of the intervals) and dumped into a .CSV file right on the handheld. All of these logs can be transferred to your PC in a matter of seconds over a USB connection using the AccessPORT manager software.

The initial extraction and write can take up to 20 minutes. During this time, you'll see several trouble faults indicated on the DIC and iDrive displays-- some of these faults might include TCU (for autos), HPFP, ABS and DCT trouble codes. Ignore these warnings--they'll disappear after the load is complete and the trouble codes will be reset once you turn the ignition off for the first time. During the initial load and subsequent map switching, you'll likely hear the in-tank fuel pump running. For those with aging cars or aging batteries, I strongly suggest connecting a battery charger to the vehicle before starting the initial load. This will prevent battery drain while the fuel pump and accessories are energized and will provide a more reliable connection to the AccessPORT by stabilizing battery voltage. After the initial load, map switching takes 5 minutes or less to complete.

I'm looking forward to additional tuning development-- we should soon see additional "staged" maps including those that support specific modifications and user-tweaks. I should be at the COBB Plano facility tomorrow to demonstrate the AccessPORT to anyone interested.

Thanks COBB!