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Originally Posted by cleex024
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Any news?
its only the drone thats bothering...i think the above poster is talking about drone and not rasp. there is absolutely 0 rasp and sounds awesome...wish there was another exhaust out there just like this one with the drone above say 3.5k rpms.

this exhaust sounds awesome and isnt even all that loud until you go wot, but the drone will drive you insane right at 2500 to 3000 rpms...and trust me it will drive you crazy i needed ear plugs lol.

but this was my favorite sounding and i have heard almost all of them.
By drone do you mean the same thing you hear when you're inside a gt500? Because I don't mind that at all. Only thing that bothers me is rasp

Lots of other people said they would be installing their hpf exhausts.. No feedback??